ALOGIC’s CLARITY monitor makes a difference in the workplace


“Today’s professionals want to show off their best multimedia content on a laser-sharp display,” said ALOGIC’s spokesperson. “We designed the CLARITY with this in mind, but also made it considerably more affordable than comparable monitors.”

Visual creatives who connect to CLARITY have 1.07 billion colors to work with, in 4K [60Hz] resolution.

Companies that want to professionalize their employees’ WFH setups also benefit from CLARITY’s built-in USB hub and 90W laptop power supply.

“People who work from home frequently find that the basic monitor they previously turned on for occasional work at home isn’t ideal for sustained work,” said the ALOGIC spokesperson Josh Jennings. “Others are finding that their traditional desktop monitor isn’t ideal either.”

Modern monitors are increasingly capable of improving the efficiency, productivity and ergonomic well-being of the workforce.

The CLARITY’s thin-bezel QLED panel gives computer users more high-resolution screen real estate for tasks like image design and video editing.

Monitor users can also freely tilt, rotate and elevate the monitor to suit their viewing needs.

“We designed the monitor so that every view is ergonomic and user-friendly,” said ALOGIC’s spokesperson.

“We know that people who spend a lot of time at their desk need this support to be healthy and productive.”

Businesses using the CLARITY monitor rotate their screens between landscape and portrait modes depending on the tasks they are working on.

The CLARITY also features in-plane switching [IPS]so co-workers can view the same screen from angles up to 178 degrees [almost completely sideways]without compromising quality.

“Now is the time for this type of display,” the ALOGIC spokesperson said. “Homes are increasingly turning into professional workspaces.

“We are really looking forward to learning more about the difference CLARITY will make in people’s lives.”

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