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Jennifer White-Meyer is the Property Book Office Installation Manager, Supply Technician at Wiesbaden Logistics Readiness Center, 405th Army Field Support Brigade. The LRC Wiesbaden IPBO is responsible for managing accountability for approximately $30 million in assets and equipment assigned to U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, U.S. Army Installation Management Command-Europe Headquarters, and the LRC Wiesbaden.
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Name: Jennifer White Meyer

Job title: Facility Property Book Office Procurement Technician

Awarded: Wiesbaden Logistics Readiness Center, 405th Army Field Support Brigade

Location: Mainz Kastel Station, Germany

Live: I have worked at LRC Wiesbaden for almost five years. Previously, I was a Senior Supply Technician for the US Army Europe Headquarters and Headquarters Company for about four years. I also worked in V Corps for about a year before it was inactivated, and I was with the 16th Sustainment Brigade in Bamberg, Germany working in the Property Book Office for about three years. I have 16 years working for the US military, both as a contractor until 2017 and now as a local national host country employee.

Hometown: Bamberg, Germany

Family: I have been married to my husband, Marco, for about four years, and we have a two-year-old son named Silas.

Q: Can you explain to us what your duties are at LRC Wiesbaden?

A: I assist the property book manager in all daily missions and tasks. This includes managing the dispatch table and allowances against asset balances and supervising three supply technicians and two supply clerks, as the senior supply technician. I support them and ensure a smooth flow and distribution of work to meet the completion of several high priority requirements. Overall, the LRC Wiesbaden IPBO is responsible for managing the liability of approximately $30 million in property and equipment assigned to US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, US Army Headquarters Installation Management Command-Europe and at LRC Wiesbaden. There are over 70 manual receipt holders that we help with their property book needs – things like computer systems, printers and other office equipment as well as non-tactical vehicles and vehicles emergency, fire trucks, and more.

Q: Why is your mission at LRC Wiesbaden so important?

A: We have an important mission to maintain accountability for all installation properties within the USAG Wiesbaden footprint. We are here to help our clients ensure that they maintain proper accountability for the property they signed up for, and we act as good stewards of military funding. We perform 100% inventories with all of our manual receipt holders each year and we perform semi-annual validations of manual receipts in April and October of each year.

Q: What do you like about your job and what motivates you?

A: I started out as a material handler in a supply warehouse where I quickly realized that I liked the responsibility aspect of the job the most. I was in inventory control, which I really enjoyed, and my boss at the time noticed and asked me if I wanted to work in property accounting. I enjoy conducting research and helping to correct problems that arise. For example, manual receipt holders sometimes have problems. It feels good when I can understand what those problems are and help them. I love challenges, and I love helping solve their problems and helping my clients. In addition, being the main supply technician, I like to train new employees. Whenever we take on new supply technicians, I train them on their tasks. I enjoy researching and explaining regulations, job requirements and procedures to other supply technicians and assisting with customer service. I like to share my knowledge.

LRC Wiesbaden and 405th AFSB: LRC Weisbaden is one of seven LRCs under the command and control of the 405th AFSB. LRCs perform facility logistics support and services to include supply, maintenance, transportation and food service management as well as apparel distribution facility operations, hazardous materials management, personal property and household items, passenger movement, management of non-tactical vehicles and garrison equipment, and property book operations. When it comes to providing day-to-day installation services, LRC Wiesbaden directs, manages and coordinates a variety of operations and activities in support of USAG Wiesbaden.

LRC Wiesbaden falls under the 405th AFSB, which is assigned to the US Army Sustainment Command and under the operational control of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, US Army Europe and Africa. The brigade is headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and provides material support to U.S. forces throughout Europe and Africa – providing theater support logistics; synchronize acquisition, logistics and technology; and leveraging the U.S. Army Materiel Command Materiel Enterprise to support joint forces. For more information on the 405th AFSB, visit official site and the official Facebook site.


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