Defense scholarships help students gain professional skills

Defense scholarships help students gain professional skills

Global Technology Company Scholarships Northrop Grumman gave four Flinders University Computing students a big boost for their career path.

The scholarship program is part of a research and education partnership between Flinders University and aerospace and defense leader Northrop Grumman, which provides outstanding computer science undergraduate students with timely support to develop their skills in key areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT) and games. development.

“At Northrop Grumman Australia, we know that artificial intelligence is key to the autonomous and decision-making systems of the future,” said Chris Deeble, executive director of strategy at Northrop Grumman.

“By investing in these outstanding university students today, we are helping them gain the skills needed to develop these new and emerging technologies. We are delighted to be able to help Flinders University develop the workforce of tomorrow.

The 2022 Northrop Gumman Scholars.

According to Robert (Bob) Wright, 2022 Fellow, applying computer science skills to game development will lead to new industrial product designs and technological innovations for industries in the future.

“I’m excited to start college after working on the game at my own pace since before the COVID-19 years,” said Wright, 34, who previously managed various business operations in hospitality and earned a degree. in film and television.

Wright is using the $5,000 scholarship to support her education and advance her programming skills in Unity, HTML, Unreal, Java, C#, C++, Python, and JetBrains, as well as other platforms, to explore new new areas of game education, web design and CE.

Having recently used his computer programming skills for an AI learning application, Wright appreciates the support.

“I am truly grateful for this support in pursuing my undergraduate studies this year,” he said.

2022 scholar Orson Hannath, 20, will use his scholarship to buy a laptop to start a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with a specialization in artificial intelligence.

“I learned a lot about computer programming all through high school, and I want to learn what the industry wants me to know, to apply those skills in advanced manufacturing and other avenues,” Hannath said.

Last year’s Northrop Grumman Undergraduate Scholarships were awarded to Ronin Edson-Wilkinson, who is studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with Honors, and Connor Dunne, who is studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) (with distinction) at Flinders University. .

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