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Scottsdale Public Art’s Annual Art Experience, Convergence of channels | Water + Art + Light, will once again light up the city of Scottsdale, Arizona from November 5-14, 2021. MASARY Studios’ art installation “Say What You Will” (SWYW) turns voices into art to light up Scottsdale’s waterfront with their great – showcasing the installation of projection mapping to scale Epson laser projectors.

In partnership with Scottsdale Arts, MASARY workshops suspended six 50-foot sails above the Arizona Canal to create an interactive audiovisual work of art that activates over two acres of Scottsdale’s waterfront. SWYW explores expression, understanding and meaning through media, using spectral and sentiment analysis, machine learning and custom-designed software to listen and transform audience communications into unique expressions of light and video projection. Abstract speech animations translated into light patterns create eye-catching projection screens and colorful, dancing reflections on the surface of Scottsdale’s waterfront.

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“SWYW marks our third return to Canal Convergence and brings a transformative experience for attendees to see the power and emotion behind their voices light up the Scottsdale waterfront,” said Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Founder and Director of MASARY Studios. “The pairing of animation, sound and computer learning with Epson’s powerful laser projectors has allowed us to display art on a large scale and truly light up the night while providing an intimate experience for participants to interact with the installation. “

SWYW invites the Scottsdale community to speak at one of six on-site booths and experience the transformation of their voices into light and video abstractions. The installation uses 12 Epson Pro L1755UNL laser projectors, as well as a variety of compatible Epson lenses to create 180,000 lumens of eye-catching artwork. For a more compact and efficient installation, MASARY studios used LANG frames to stack two Epson 15,000 lumen projectors to display double the light output. The projectors’ handy built-in tools and their ability to be powered by standard 120V sources allowed for a seamless setup to bring the artistic vision of MASARY Studios to life.

“MASARY Studios has struck the perfect balance between using experiential technology and projection to create interactive and impressive public art works,” said Ramzi Shakra, Product Manager, Large Venue Projectors, Epson America , Inc. “Their return to Canal Convergence this year with the installation ‘Say What You Will’ highlights their creativity and innovation in leveraging the best of audiovisual technology for even greater transformational experiences to inspire and delight. the community of Scottsdale. “

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