Lee County MPs attack massage parlor south of Fort Myers



Investigators spent hours raiding a massage parlor in southern Fort Myers before showing up to a Cape Coral home.

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies told WINK News they were at the house along SW 21st Avenue just south of Veterans Parkway to execute a search warrant. Investigators took numerous photos and left the scene with even more evidence. Although WINK cannot confirm if the locations are connected, it was noticed that the same team of investigators were at the Natural Oil Spa earlier today.

Lee County MPs also took bags of evidence to the massage parlor.

“It’s really sketchy,” said Leah, who works at Key West Plaza along McGregor Boulevard. “Today the narcotics team was sort of hanging out while they investigated. I don’t know… there were, like, maybe 15 men here.

Investigators took away bags of what looked like paperwork, computer equipment and other evidence. A witness said investigators monitored the salon for a week.

“People would show up, see the cops, then leave, and they wouldn’t come in,” Leah said.

WINK News safety and security specialist Rich Kolko says this is all part of further investigation.

“Often times, criminal activity just builds up if they run an illicit massage parlor,” Kolko said.

WINK News spoke to the attorney for the owner of this Cape Coral home, who said they are always putting things back together. Although he said they didn’t have much to discuss at the moment, he said he would be happy to make a statement later.


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