SystemCare 15 Advanced Review: The Best PC Optimization Software for Windows


Many computer users around the world are frustrated that their computers slow down over time. The solution that most of the people can think of is to spend some money and buy a new computer. The good news is that IObit recently released Advanced SystemCare 15 to fix your slow PC for free and save you precious time by checking and optimizing the PC manually. This application allows you to solve many system related issues and optimize your system to make it in its best condition.

Why do you need Advanced SystemCare 15?

AI scans the computer with one click

The ASC 15’s maintenance function provides users with two different scanning options. Manual scan and last AI scan. Users who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge or who don’t have a lot of time to learn the computer modules can use AI analysis. It learns from your computer out of habit and intelligently analyzes which computer modules are slowing down your computer the most. Users can also use manual scan to perform custom scans which select specific items of junk files, registries, hard drive browser traces, etc. and find out the problem. Computers will store billions of bytes of junk files and hundreds of privacy traces and both scan models can effectively detect problems and provide you with scan report and guide you to fix the issues.

One-stop speed up the computer

The application has an Acceleration tab and offers you 5 useful functions. Turbo Boost allows you to increase your computer’s CPU and RAM by one-click shutting down unnecessary services and applications running in the background. Start

Optimizer ensures that your PC starts up faster by managing and disabling unwanted applications and services that launch when the computer starts up. Hardware Accelerator improves hardware performance by updating all obsolete drivers. Real-time optimization provides you with a desktop widget that allows you to monitor and release RAM in real time. Besides, it scans and cleans your PC in real time and improves its performance. Latest App Cleaner will recommend IObit Uninstaller to remove all unwanted apps and toolbars from your computer.

Protect the computer from online threats

The advantage of Advanced SystemCare 15 is that it is not only a PC cleaner, but also protects your computer. Privacy protection will prevent malicious programs from gaining access to your private data and erase your digital footprint from illegal use. Browser protection blocks all malicious and phishing websites and blocks annoying browser ads. System Protection scans for viruses and malware in real time as a Pro feature.


Advanced SystemCare 15 is a complete optimization solution for Windows and it has all the features you need to keep your computer at peak performance and safe from online threats. The best thing is that it can free up real-time RAM, boot the computer faster, and fix all computer issues with just one click. Download it now and enjoy a fast, like-new computer.


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