The requested control is invalid NET HELPMSG 2191: 2 easy fixes


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  • If you receive The requested control is not valid for this service NET HELPMSG 2191, start by restarting the DNS client.
  • You can also use Registry Editor to create new values ​​that will clean up the DNS cache.
  • Don’t miss our section on third-party DNS servers and why you should use them.

dns net helpmsg 2191


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In the TCP/IP protocol suite, the Domain Name System is one of the protocols that provide name resolution services of computer name to IP address mapping. However, sometimes there are issues resulting in errors such as The requested control is not valid for this service NET HELPMSG 2191.

The DNS client and server work together to provide computer name to IP address mapping name resolution services to computers and users.

When installing Windows, client service is enabled by default in both client and server versions of the operating system.

As soon as you specify a server’s IP address in your TCP/IP network configuration, the DNS client queries the server to discover domain controllers and resolve computer names to IP addresses.

Only after the server responds to the client’s request and provides the IP address of the domain controller, communication can take place between the client and the domain controller and the authentication process can begin. .

Follow along as we show you how to enable DNS on Windows 11, then jump into the list of solutions for The requested control is not valid for this service NET HELPMSG 2191 issue.

How can I enable DNS on Windows 11?

  1. To open Control Panel and access Network & Internet to find the settings we need to change.netwrok-andI net helpmsg 2191
  2. Go to Network and Sharing center helpmsg 2191
  3. Click on the Change adaptation settings option to select the network you want to edit.change-adapter net helpmsg 2191
  4. Right-click on the network you want to enable DNS on and choose Properties.wifi-prop net helpmsg 2191
  5. Navigate to the Networking tab, select IPv4 and click on Properties. IPv4 is short for Internet Protocol version 4. It is the underlying technology that allows us to connect our devices to the internet and share information with them. prop-ipv4 net helpmsg 2191
  6. Select the radio button next to Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the Prefer and Alternative waiters. Any device that connects to the internet is assigned a unique numeric IP address, such as 99.48.dns-enter net helpmsg 2191

Some of the best third-party DNS servers to use are the Google Public DNS ( and, Cloudflare ( and and OpenDNS ( and Each of these service providers has a primary and secondary DNS address that you can connect to.

Because it’s so easy to remember, Google’s public DNS is one of the most used addresses on the Internet.

The fact that Google keeps a log of IP addresses accessing its servers for one to two days is important because it can be used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

There may also be long-running logs, but Google claims that it does not store any personally identifiable information in its logs. Therefore, if you value your privacy, you might want to consider using a different DNS address.

What can I do if I get NET HELPMSG error 2191?

1. Restart DNS

  1. Open the Windows search function and enter services. Click on the highest result to open the Services application. netservices helpmsg 2191
  2. Here, scroll down until you come across the DNS client and right click on it to choose Properties.dns-prop net helpmsg 2191
  3. Click on the Stop button, followed by To start up button. However, if the buttons are greyed out, proceed to the second solution.stop net helpmsg 2191

You can create long-running executable applications that run in their own sessions using Microsoft Services, formerly known as NT Services, which are available on the Windows platform.

These services can be started automatically when the computer starts, they can be paused and restarted, and they do not display any graphical user interface.

It’s important to note that because clearing the DNS cache removes all entries, it also removes any invalid records, which forces your computer to repopulate those addresses the next time you attempt to access those Web sites.

These new addresses are derived from the DNS server that has been configured for your network.

2. Use Registry Editor

  1. Open the Windows search function and enter regedit in the search bar. Select the best result to open Registry Editor.regedit-search net helpmsg 2191
  2. Here, enter the following location and press Walk in: ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDNSCacheParameterscomputer-loc net helpmsg 2191
  3. Right click on the empty area and create a new one DWORD or QWORD depending on your system. A DWORD, which is short for double word, is a data type definition that only applies to Windows.dword net helpmsg 2191
  4. Name it MaxCacheTtl and double click on it to set the value to Decimal and 86400. 86400 net helpmsg 2191
  5. Repeat the same steps and create a new DWORD / QWORD who is named MaxNegativeCacheTtlMaxNegativeCacheTtl. Set its value to 5. This way the DNS cache will be reset every few hours.5 net helpmsg 2191

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In Registry Editor, users can do the following: create, manipulate, delete, and rename keys and subkeys in the registry, as well as modify and delete valuable data.

However, if you still can’t complete the above solution or it doesn’t work for you, learn what to do if you can’t restart the DNS client.

Why should I use third-party DNS servers?

DNS servers are responsible for connecting domain names to their associated IP addresses. The first time you enter a domain name into your browser, your computer contacts the DNS server currently in use and asks what IP address is associated with the domain name.

The IP address is then connected to your computer, which then retrieves the appropriate web page for you. Your Internet service provider is probably responsible for providing the servers you use (ISP).

If you’re behind a router, your computer may be using the router as a DNS server, but the router is actually forwarding requests to servers provided by your ISP.

dns net helpmsg 2191

Computers store DNS responses locally, which means the request doesn’t have to be made every time you connect to a domain name you’ve visited once or more.

Once your computer has determined the IP address associated with a domain name, it will retain this information for a period of time, allowing you to connect faster by skipping the request phase.

As we established above, you most likely use the servers provided by your ISP. However, you don’t have to. Instead, you can use those operated by a third-party company.

In some cases, these DNS servers may be able to provide you with faster resolutions, allowing you to connect to a domain name faster the first time you connect to it.

But, in practice, the actual speed differences you experience will be determined by your distance from third-party servers as well as the speed of your Internet Service Provider’s servers (ISPDNS).

Was this guide helpful to you? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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