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The breakdown

My opinion is that the Beelink SER4 4800U is a powerful and very compact mini PC. This computer is sufficient for professional use in many applications and allows you to run several demanding games without breaking the bank.

It looks like 2021 and 2022 are going to be the 2 years that could change the computer world, in terms of size, affordability and of course performance. The trend now is for some of the most powerful mini PCs in the world to be able to fit in the palm of our hand (much like Today’s Beelink SER4), combined with significant processing power from Intel as well as AMD’s Ryzen chipsets. And while there are a few Ryzen mini PCs out there – less than those powered by Intel, more and more OEMs are starting to use AMD Ryzen processors in their mini PC lines.

If you’re looking for a pretty powerful little beast – with a little punch in everyday use, then the newly released SER4which comes with a power-efficient Ryzen 7-4800U SoC, could easily become your next best buy!

Beelink SER4 – Main Specifications

  • Operating system: Windows 11 Professional
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7-4800U, 7nm process, TDP 15W
  • Processor: 8 cores, 16 threads at 1.8-4.2 GHz
  • GPU: Radeon RX Vega 8 @ 1750MHz
  • RAM: 16/32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz (dual channel)
  • Storage: 500GB/1TB NVMe m.2 SSD
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Ports: USB Type-A 3.0*3, USB Type-A 2.0*1, USB-C*1, HDMI*2, 3.5mm audio jack*1, 1000M Ethernet*1, DC-in*1
  • Size: 126*113*42mm
  • Weight: 455g

Buy the Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from the UK

Buy the Beelink SER4 mini PC – from France

Buy Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from Germany

Buy Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from USA

main package

  • Beelink SER4 Mini PC*1
  • 57W power adapter*1
  • User Guide*1
  • VESA mount bracket*1
  • HDMI cable * 2 (1m and 0.2m)

Beelink SER4

I have to admit what bee link sent me, really caught my attention. The SER4 looks great and surely comes with significant processing power: 32 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz RAM and Ryzen 7-4800U chipset inside. It’s not big – nor big, but it’s surely one of the most attractive mini PCs on the market. It comes with aluminum (and metal) construction and a perforated top panel that easily dissipates heat. It also gives the device a more premium (chic) ​​look. For those who prefer… stickers, there are 4 on the outside of the device: the AMD and Beelink logo, as well as the Ryzen 7 and Radeon GPU logo.

Beelink SER4

As I mentioned before, the SER4 comes in black with 2 red grilles on the side that help dissipate heat easily and an all-metal chassis. It offers excellent build quality, without any grating sound. It measures 126*113*42mm so it can easily fit behind my Xiaomi curved monitor without any issues. If you literally don’t have room on your desk, the VESA bracket included in the retail box can help you attach the mini PC to the back of the monitor. Thus making it completely disappear from the environment. It weighs only 455 g, so it will be easy to move it around the house or take it on a business trip. If you have monitors in both your office and your apartment, this should be much easier than carrying around a laptop.

Beelink SER4

Connectivity options

This little devil also comes with impressive connectivity options. The front panel features an illuminated power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 3.1 Type-C port with Alt Mode, two USB 3.1 ports, and pinhole “CLR CMOS” reset button. The rear panel includes one Gigabit Ethernet port, one USB 3.1 port and one USB 2.0 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports and the power jack.

Internally there is a Mediatek MT7921K M.2 2230 WiFi 6E (or 802.11ax) card which supports the new 6 GHz band. There’s also an M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 SSD drive (the review model included a 500GB Intel 660p drive with Windows 11 Pro installed). It is also possible to add a 2.5 inch SATA drive to the lid which is connected to the motherboard via a short ZIF cable.

Beelink SER4

If you’re good at math, you might have noticed that the SER4 comes with 3 HDMI ports. This means it has the potential to drive three 4K displays at once. Running multiple screens in a retail, commercial or corporate environment is one of the most powerful features of the SER4. Sorry to say it doesn’t have a Thunderbolt port, so if you like eGPUs, it’s a bummer.

Performance: old but good

This little beast may not pack the most modern AMD processor, but it packs a punch where it’s needed. The AMD Ryzen7-4800 processor that lives inside is based on the 7nm Zen2-based APU with 8 CPU cores, 16 threads, along with an integrated Radeon Graphics GPU. There’s also 32GB of dual-channel DDR4 3200MHz memory and a 500GB NVMe m.2 SSD in the unit that Beelink decided to send me. Although the Ryzen7-4800U is a mobile chip released over 2 years ago, it is still very impressive and the benchmark scores tell the story.

Energy consumption

Power consumption for the stock configuration was measured as follows:

  • Initially plugged in – 1.0 Watts
  • Power off (shutdown) – 0.4 Watts (Windows) and 0.4 Watts (Ubuntu)
  • BIOS* – 18.7W
  • GRUB Boot Menu – 17.2 watts
  • Idle – 5.6 watts (Windows) and 4.1 watts (Ubuntu)
  • Stressed CPU – 36.1 Watts (Windows ‘cinebench’) and 30.8 Watts (Ubuntu ‘stress’)
  • Video playback** – 25.4 Watts (Windows Edge 4K60fps) and 30.6 Watts (Ubuntu Chrome 4K60fps)

Benchmarks – General Performance

In everyday use, the single-core performance difference will go largely unnoticed. If you want to edit 4K videos, the multi-core capability of the AMD chip will handle it. The m.2 NVMe SSD may not be the fastest on the market, but with a read speed of almost 2000MB/s, it’s ideal for booting Windows and all your favorite productivity apps.

As you can see from the benchmarks, the SER4 is able to handle reasonably intense graphics workloads without a significant performance hit. That said, keep in mind that SER4 won’t be enough if you’re an avid gamer, needing the highest fps, massive speed, and near-zero lags.

Beelink SER4

As I mentioned before, the SER4 is really a solid HTPC, with no problem decoding all the video formats you might need, including some 8K@60fps and 4K@120fps videos. Streaming 4K YouTube videos in Chrome, this machine doesn’t skip a bit either. I haven’t had a chance to try 8K streaming – but who needs it anyway?

Another interesting feature of this Lilliputian device is its heat dissipation and the power it consumes. It is only 5W at idle, with a maximum of 39W during intensive graphics editing or some addictive games. On the other hand, it’s not the quietest mini PC on the market. Every time it starts running, the fans kick in like an airplane for 5 seconds before starting. This is to cool the small CPU chamber, so it might be a little inconvenient if you’re used to working with an Apple Mac Mini M1 which is quiet around the clock.

Thanks to the efficient cooling, the SER4 is also extremely stable, passing the 3DMark Time Spy Stress test with a very high mark.

Wi-Fi 6E support

I don’t think anyone can be disappointed with the connectivity features of the SER4. The device supports the latest WiFi 6E technology, also known as WiFi 6 Extended. Such a thing allows the PC to use the 6 GHz band, which in turn brings more bandwidth, faster speeds and lower latency, opening up resources for future innovations such as AR/VR, 8K streaming , etc. It also contains a typical Ethernet jack for typical wired internet access.

Software: Comes with a clean, licensed copy of Windows 11 Pro

I was very happy to see that on first boot, my SER4 came with a licensed version of Windows 11 Pro with no pre-installed third-party apps or bloatware that you had to uninstall. This means that the average user will have no trouble using it, making necessary updates and enjoying their new features.

MiniPC Beelink SER4 – More info here

If you’re not into Windows though, you can easily install a fresh copy of Ubuntu and watch the little beast fly! I partitioned the SSD, and Installed Ubuntu using an Ubuntu 20.04.4 ISO as a dual boot. After installing and updating, a brief check showed that the audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and video outputs from the USB Type-C port were working. Everything worked like a charm.

Beelink SER4 Competition

With a price tag of around $600, the Beelink SER4 is among the VFM offerings in the mini PC market. Choosing a Ryzen 7 (4000-series) processor is a good one against Intel-powered mini PCs. Especially those with an Intel Core i5. It is not as powerful as its brother “Ryzen 9-5900HX”, but it is more affordable and energy efficient.

The closest competitor to the SER4 is the i5-1135G7 powered Intel NUC 11 Pro. As you can get the latter with 8GB memory and 500GB SSD with the same budget. The NUC comes with more versatile Thunderbolt 3 ports, which is a must for some users. However, in terms of power, very few Intel-powered models can truly match the SER4.

My opinion on Beelink SER4

After testing the Beelink SER4 4800U mini PC, we can say it is a powerful mini PC. This little marvel offers a AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processor with a Vega 8 GPU which defends itself quite well. It has three 4K video outputs and a Gigabit Ethernet port for transferring large files. It can be hung on its VESA mount or placed anywhere on your desk without taking up space too.

the Beelink SER4 4800U offers high computing power which makes it suitable even for any heavy task. It is packed with a 512GB Intel M.2 2280 NVMe Solid State Drivepossibility of mounting a SATA3 2.5″ drive and 2 SODIMM slots that allow for easy RAM expansion.

As I mentioned before, it also stands out for integrating WiFi 6E with good performance. It embeds a cooling system with a fan that we will only hear when launching heavy games or launching demanding calculations.

My opinion is that the Beelink SER4 4800U is a powerful and very compact mini PC. This computer is sufficient for professional use in many applications and can run several demanding games.

Buy the Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from the UK

Buy the Beelink SER4 mini PC – from France

Buy Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from Germany

Buy Beelink SER4 Mini PC – from USA


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