Valley students overcome challenges through STEM


Three-dimensional printing, computer programming, robotics – this is where you’ll find some of Arizona’s most creative young minds in action.

ABC15 takes you inside Saguaro High School’s Innovation Center – a place, as the name suggests, that inspires innovation.

Saguaro Junior Kritin Mandala and his team were busy the day we stopped, preparing their robot for a statewide competition.

“I love everything we can accomplish in this space,” says Kritin. “We have all the resources and all the tools we need.”

For Christopher Brandt, who heads the Academy of Mathematics and Science, the Innovation Center is a dream come true.

“It’s a versatile and very open facility,” he explains.

And it’s really open in every sense of the word.

One of Mr. Brandt’s favorite things is seeing students light up for the first time as they walk through those doors.

“A lot of times students think math, science and technology are really hard subjects, but if we can get them, show them how it applies and how they can use it in their lives or careers and how that can be a fun thing. that’s a win for us.”

The Innovation Center opened its doors in November 2020. Every day since then, you’ll see dozens of teenagers spinning the wheel, putting their creativity to use and learning to take on challenges.

“We’re really here to provide opportunities for these students. And these are opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have. So we’re their cheerleaders as well. Let’s get out of here and do this and we’ll help you. If you want to do something, we will make it happen.”


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