Victorian man convicted of phone attacks and phishing scams


A 30-year-old man from Bendigo today (November 11, 2021) was sentenced by Melbourne County Court to 307 days, already served, released on a release order for telephone engagement, various hacking and phishing offenses financial to facilitate large-scale fraudulent purchases.

He also received a community correction order for a period of 3 years and 300 hours of community service was imposed on him. Between October 14 and October 18, 2018, several police stations in Victoria were affected by a coordinated denial of service attack on their phone system.

The attack involved individual police stations inundated with incoming phone calls, overwhelming the system and preventing members of the police station from making phone calls and / or receiving legitimate phone calls from members of the public or government personnel. About 10,984 phone calls were diverted to Victoria Police Stations by the Bendigo man.

Another telephone violation was identified in the investigation in which the man designed a computer system that tricked people into responding to a text message asking for an immediate callback because they needed help.

As part of the cyber attack, the system broadcast pre-recorded abuses and threats to those answering the call.

The victim and other unsuspecting people who responded to the text were brought closer together and other pre-recorded abusive messages were played, prompting name-calling and threats from members of the public for mistaken identity.

Between November 2017 and June 2019, the man also carried out various hacking and financial phishing offenses to facilitate large-scale fraudulent purchases.

The police investigation further revealed that the man used a series of pseudonyms to disguise his offense, falsely subscribing to mobile phone services, an email address and using deposit addresses to collect and distribute fraudulently purchased items. The man obtained 2,500 credentials, including names and credit card details.

The man was arrested by AFP on June 14, 2019 at his home in Bendigo and was subsequently charged with:

One count of causing unauthorized tampering of electronic communications to or from a computer knowing that tampering was not authorized, contrary to subsection 477.3 (1) of the Code Act, 1995 criminal (Cth). Unauthorized alteration of electronic communications.

A count of using a transportation service in such a way that reasonable persons would consider that use to be threatening, harassing or offensive, contrary to section 464.17 (1) of the Criminal Code Act, 1995 ( Cth).


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