Word cannot complete recording due to file permission error


According to some users, while trying to save a Word file, an error message stating Word cannot complete recording due to file permission error appears. Generally, the problem appears when the copy is from a different source. Whatever the case, we have solutions for you. In this article, we are going to see what you need to do to fix this problem.

What Causes Word Can’t Complete Recording Due to File Permission Error?

  • There is a file name conflict on your computer.
  • The location where you are trying to save or the file you are trying to access does not have the correct permissions for your user account.
  • The document you are trying to save has already been saved as read-only or as a template.
  • You are trying to edit a file from a network shared folder.
  • Your computer’s anti-virus software is blocking the backup.

Fix Word Cannot Complete Recording Due to File Permission Error

If Word cannot complete the recording due to a file permission error, these solutions may help resolve the issue.

  1. Try saving to another drive and with a different name
  2. Unlock file
  3. Take ownership of the file
  4. Update Desktop
  5. Disable antivirus
  6. Try safe mode
  7. Repair Microsoft Office

Let’s talk about it in detail.

1]Try saving to another drive and with a different name

First, we should try saving your file in a different location and with a different name. This issue may occur due to a glitch.

Changing the location and name should do the trick for you. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

2]Unlock the file

If the file is from another computer or downloaded from the Internet, first unblock the file and see.

3]Take ownership of the file

Take ownership of the file first, then edit it and try saving the file and see if that helps.

4]Update Desktop

According to some users, the error message in question appears because of a bug and there is an update available that will do the trick for you. So you should update Office and see if it works. You can click File > Account > Office Update. Once your app is updated, try saving the file. Hope this does the trick for you.

5]Disable antivirus

Sometimes your antivirus can become the cause of your problem instead of being a cure. This may prevent you from saving a file from a different author to your computer. Well, in this case, you need to temporarily disable your antivirus and then save the file. That should do the trick for you.

6]Try safe mode

There may be a plug-in preventing you from saving the file. You can try saving the file in safe mode and see if that works. Follow these steps to open your document in safe mode.

  • To open Course, type winword / safe“, and press Enter.
  • Click on File > Open and run the file you’ve been working on.
  • Now try to save this file.

If the file is saved, there is a problem with the add-ons you added to your Word. Since we don’t know which of them is causing the problem, we will disable them one by one and if after disabling the Word add-on the document can be saved, you know who the culprit is.

To disable the add-on, first close Microsoft Word (safe mode) and open normal Word. Now go to Options and click on Complements > Go of Manage section. Select an add-on and click Remove.

That should do the trick for you.

7]Repair Microsoft Office

Maybe your Office installation is corrupt and needs to be repaired. Luckily, Microsoft is well aware of these issues, so they’ve included an option to repair these files, which we’ll use and see if it works in this case. Follow the given steps to do the same.

  • To open Settings.
  • Go to Apps > Apps and features.
  • Search for Office (the latest version).
    • For Windows 11: Click on the three vertical dots and select To modify.
    • For Windows 10: Select the app and click Edit (or Change if available).
  • To select Quick repair and click Repair.

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task. Hope this will do the job for you.

How to fix Word cannot complete backup due to file permission error?

Most often, the error appears when you try to save a file from a different author or the one you imported. There are different ways to solve the problem, the most common is to disable the antivirus before saving the file, because in this case the program thinks that the file you are trying to save is malicious. However, this is not a one-stop solution. There are also other solutions which we have mentioned in this article. You should follow the solutions in the given order and see if they work.

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Why won’t my Word allow me to save documents?

If Word prevents you from saving the document, you can try the solutions mentioned in this article to fix the problem. Also, you should try disabling and enabling the autosave feature and see if that makes any difference. If you see an error message, it would be best to use it to find solutions, because every error code and error message has a meaning.

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Word cannot complete recording due to file permission error


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