Brave Browser for iOS gets a new “Privacy Hub” and improved fingerprint protections


Privacy-focused browser Brave has updated its iOS app with a new Privacy Hub feature that shows a summary of trackers it has blocked for specific sites or over a period of time.

Similar to Safari’s Privacy Report, the new Privacy Hub in version 1.38 of the browser is designed to inform users about trackers and other privacy threats that Brave blocks.

This update also improves fingerprint protections for iOS. Fingerprinting is a technique used to identify and track people by combining multiple semi-IDs (slight differences in each person’s browser, such as browser window size or computer hardware details) and combining them into a single unique identifier.

Brave for iOS now protects against fingerprints by adding small amounts of randomization to fingerprint APIs rather than disabling them, which can break websites, making the browsing experience smoother and more private .

Additionally, Brave has added a Certificate Viewer to its iOS app, allowing users to confirm that they are visiting a real site and not a spoofed copy. To view a page’s certificate, users can tap the lock icon in the URL bar, and they can then check whether a certificate is valid or revoked, trusted or not, or compliant (or not) with standards.

Brave has gained popularity in recent years for its concern for privacy. Last year, Brave dropped Google as its default search engine and replaced it with the more privacy-focused Brave Search, which uses an independent index and doesn’t track users or their searches. Brave for iOS is free to download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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