Ex-Western Springs cop under investigation: files


WESTERN SPRINGS, IL — Weeks before retiring, Western Springs Deputy Police Chief Daniel Albrecht was suspended while he was under investigation, according to village papers.

Through a public records request, Patch obtained an April 12 memo from Police Chief Brian Budds in Albrecht, advising him that he was being placed on administrative leave.

The leave took effect immediately. Albrecht was ordered to surrender his weapons, law enforcement credentials, phone, name tags, laptop and village vehicle.

Albrecht’s access to the village’s computer system was also cut, Budds said in the memo.

Albrecht was required to provide a phone number where he could be reached for meetings related to “ongoing investigations”.

He was ordered to stay off village property without express written permission from the chief. He was also told to refrain from any conversation that could be construed as interfering with an investigation.

The village blacked out part of the memo that apparently indicated the nature of the investigation.

Patch requested warrants related to any investigation of Albrecht, but the village said no such documents existed.

Patch also searched for any records showing that a law enforcement agency obtained items from the Albrecht Village vehicle this year.

In response, the village said it would withhold those documents. He cited the exemption under the State Open Archives Act that allows secrecy when disclosing documents could interfere with an investigation.

According to village records, Albrecht submitted his letter of resignation, effective immediately, on May 1. In the three-sentence message, he said his resignation followed a conversation with Budds.

Albrecht suffers from cancer. A GoFundMe page was created a few weeks ago, raising over $10,000 to date.

Albrecht joined the police 22 years ago. He was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2017.

News of Albrecht’s departure apparently took a long time to reach the village council.

At its May 9 meeting, Trustee Scott Lewis, who heads the public safety committee, said the board heard the news earlier in the day. The meeting took place eight days after Albrecht’s resignation.

Earlier in the day on May 9, Patch contacted City Hall about Albrecht’s status. In an email, a village spokeswoman confirmed that Albrecht retired on May 1 and the village plans to release a statement soon. He did it hours after Patch’s investigation.

Spokeswoman Selmin Cicek declined to comment on Albrecht, saying the village was not discussing staffing issues.

Budds did not return a call for comment.

Albrecht declined to comment on Monday.

In a May 13 post to Patch, Albrecht said, “I’ve been battling cancer since 2020, and it’s progressing. I wasn’t looking for a story or a send.”

In its press release, the village listed Albrecht’s positions with the police department. Afterwards, the statement said, “The Village congratulates him on his retirement and wishes him well.”

Editor’s note: Patch is a promotional partner of GoFundMe.


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