GPS to be installed in Swaccha Vahini vehicles in DK


GPS will be installed in Swaccha Vahini vehicles engaged in waste collection from households and commercial establishments in villages, to track their movements, Zilla Panchayat CEO Dr Kumar told DH.

Initially, GPS will be installed in Swaccha Vahini vehicles in 23 Gram Panchayats in Dakshina Kannada district. Looking at the response, it will be extended to other Swaccha Vahini vehicles in the district, he added.

Out of 223 Gram Panchayats, Swaccha Vahini vehicles were donated to 169 Gram Panchayats in the district. Already, eight vehicles are fitted with GPS while the process is underway for other vehicles, Dr Kumar said.

“Once the GPS trackers are installed, we will have a concrete record of the vehicles on the ground. We will also be able to track their movements,” he said.

The GPS will help to monitor the movement of vehicles and the areas they cover in a day and also to check the time at which waste collections started on a given day. It will also help to know the amount of waste collected, he added.

The majority of Gram Panchayats collect dry waste from residents and vendors in the district. General practitioners with semi-urban areas are engaged in the collection of dry and wet household waste. Waste collection vehicles visit households and commercial establishments on a prescribed day and time. Even road maps were provided to them to cover the entire GP boundary at least twice a week, sources say.

The GPS tracker will be monitored not only by the Gram Panchayat PDO, but also by Swaccha Bharath Mission consultants at the district level, as well as using their mobile phones. It can also be monitored on the computer using the app, added sources.

ZP CEO said there are plans to develop software to track solid waste management in 25 gram panchayats at a time.

The CEO of ZP added that the installation of GPS will help the officials to check if the vehicles have reached the place according to the prepared schedule. It will also help to know the efficiency of the ongoing waste collection.

The GPS will also help track the distance each vehicle has traveled while helping to increase the efficiency of cleaning up trash, sources said.


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