Here’s how you can use Snapchat on a PC or Mac


Snapchat does not offer a desktop or web app for the social media platform, but it can be used on Mac or PC using an emulator.

Snapchat does not offer a desktop app or website to access the social media platform, but an emulator like BlueStacks can bring the service to Mac and PC. Essentially, an emulator is a software application that makes one computer system behave like another. The actual device and operating system are referred to as the “host” system, while the emulated operating system is referred to as the “guest” system. In this case, an emulator would make a Mac or PC behave like a mobile device within the app. It may sound complicated, but emulators have been refined over the years to become more user-friendly. Some are very easy to use and may allow the use of mobile-only software applications, such as Snapchat.


A common use of an emulator, and the use case the average person is probably most familiar with, is in video games. In the gaming industry, video game titles are made for specific platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Additionally, these video games are designed to work on a specific range of consoles, such as Xbox 360 or Xbox One. However, old video games are cherished long after obsolete consoles have been scrapped, so finding a way to play old games on new systems is necessary. Emulation makes this possible – a user can play a decades-old game on a modern system by tricking it into thinking it’s another computer system.

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To use Snapchat on a Mac or PC, an emulator is required, such as BlueStacks. This is an application that will mimic Android software, allowing the use of mobile-only applications on the desktop. Although the software is available on Mac and PC, there are minimum system requirements that must be met for the application to work properly. On Mac, BlueStacks requires macOS 11.12 Sierra or later, four gigabytes of RAM, and eight gigabytes of free disk space. On Windows, BlueStacks requires Windows 7 or later, four gigabytes of RAM, and five gigabytes of free disk space. Installing BlueStacks will require an administrator level account on both Mac and PC.

Download BlueStacks and launch Snapchat

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The first step to running Snapchat on a Mac or PC is to install BlueStacks. The installer can be found on the company’s website, and by clicking on the ‘Download BlueStacks 5‘ will automatically start downloading the installer. The BlueStacks website can detect the host computer’s operating system and choose the correct software version, but all versions can be viewed with the ‘See all versions‘ button located directly below ‘Download BlueStacks 5.’ Once the installer is downloaded, click on it. Follow the prompts to complete BlueStacks installation, then Snapchat can be downloaded.

With BlueStacks, the app will behave exactly like an Android device, which makes it possible to use Snapchat. Open the Google Play Store and sign in with a Google account to allow downloading apps, and search for Snapchat in the store. The Google Play Store will work like on a mobile device, but the input method will be a keyboard and mouse, so the process will be a bit different. Click on ‘Install Snapchat‘ and wait for the download to complete. After it appears on the home screen, users can open Snapchat and use the platform as they normally would on a mobile device.

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