How to Download and Install Stardew Valley Mods


Stardew Valley is well known for its immense gameplay, so you might feel exhausted after completing everything the base game gives you. But what if we told you that there are endless new and exciting things to do in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley has a dedicated modding community that is constantly creating unique content for this beloved indie farming sim. Although the idea of ​​modifying your game may seem overwhelming at first, it is actually very simple.


In this guide, we’ll teach you how to install and run mods on Stardew Valley using SMAPI, so you can get rid of burnout and keep playing your favorite farming sim.

What are mods?

Video game mods are modifications made to the game by users. They are made for fans, by fans to give the game more replay value.

There are hundreds of mods available for Stardew Valley. Some are cosmetic mods that change the look of your game, while others add entirely new content and act almost like fan-made DLC packs for video games.

What do I need to install mods for Stardew Valley?

There are several ways to download and install mods in Stardew Valley, but the most common way is to use SMAPI (Stardew Modding API). This program is specially designed for Stardew Valley, which makes it a very user-friendly experience.

You will also need the Content Patcher mod and a Link Account. Nexus is the website where you will find SMAPI, Content Patcher and any other mod you would like to install.

How to install SMAPI

The first step in your Stardew Valley mod quest is to download and install SMAPI on your PC. Here’s how:

  1. Look for SMAPI in Nexus.
  2. Open SMAPI and head to the files tongue.
  3. Select manual download from the main SMAPI files.
  4. Here you will be prompted to sign in to your Nexus account. If you haven’t created an account yet, do so now.
  5. Once you have downloaded SMAPI, locate your Stardew Valley game file in file explorer.
  6. Open your downloads in another window, and right click on your SMAPI zip file.
  7. Select extract all.
  8. Return to your Stardew Valley game fileright click on the file nameand select copy address as text.
  9. Paste this into the text box in the extract all the window. This will move SMAPI to your Stardew Valley game folder.
  10. Open the SMAPI Installer folder and launch it with the operating system you are using.
  11. A black pop-up box will appear, prompting you to enter 1 to confirm the relocation of SMAPI.
  12. Walk in 1 again to install.

If you’re running Stardew Valley through Steam, you’ll need to redirect the game’s launch options. Once SMAPI is successfully downloaded, it will provide you with the code you need to do so.

  1. Copy the code provided in the black pop-up window.
  2. Head to Stardew Valley in Steam.
  3. Right click on the game and press Properties.
  4. In the general parameters, you will find the Launch Options. Paste the code here.

You’ll know everything was installed correctly if the black box that appears when you launch the game shows all white text. SMAPI is extremely user-friendly and will let you know if anything went wrong with your mods installation.

Some mods require other mods to be installed first for them to work. If so, the broken mods will appear in red writing in the black popup window when you launch the game.

If there are other required mods, SMAPI will provide you the download link to install them. Likewise, if a mod needs an update, SMAPI will provide you with the link so you don’t have to find it yourself.

How to Install Content Patcher

Now that you have successfully installed SMAPI, it’s time to move on to the second step in your quest to mod Stardew Valley, which is to download and install Content Patcher.

  1. Find Content Patcher by typing it into the Nexus search bar.
  2. Download and install it using the same process as before.
  3. Return to the Stardew Valley game file on your computer. You will see that a whole new fashion file has been added.
  4. Open the content editor zip fileright click on the file nameand select extract all.
  5. Copy the file destination from fashion folder by right-clicking file name and selecting copy address as text.
  6. Paste it in the text zone.

Content Patcher is the first and most important mod you need because no other mod will work without it. Content Patcher allows you to modify game data without corrupting it.

It’s modding time!

Now that SMAPI and Content Patcher have been installed, you are free to start adding more mods. The best place to find mods for Stardew Valley is on Nexus. Nexus offers mods for over 1500 games, including many mods for Stardew Valley, so you can find everything you need there.

To find Stardew Valley mods, head to Nexus and type “Stardew Valley” in the search bar. This will filter out all mods related to Stardew Valley. Now all you need to do is browse them all and download the ones that speak to you.

Since Content Patcher is a mod in itself, you can follow the same instructions you used to install Content Patcher to download and install other mods. Just download the zip files and make sure to extract them in the mods case.

There are a few other things you may need to watch out for when downloading and installing mods. The first is to make sure your mods are compatible with the latest Stardew Valley updates. If a mod was created a long time ago, it may not work with new updates.

As we mentioned earlier, some mods require the installation of others. You can check if this is the case in the mods Main files section if you prefer to avoid error messages.

Under the Main filesyou will notice a section titled optional files where you can find suggestions for similar mods you might be interested in.

Keep playing Stardew Valley to infinity and beyond

If you feel like you’ve exhausted Stardew Valley, modding is a great way to reinvigorate your game. By adding more content, characters, and even maps, you can continue playing your favorite games without having to worry about burnout.

Modifying your games can seem daunting at first, but it’s one of many great tools for getting even more out of your sim games when they start to feel a little old.


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