Jobs in Central Georgia (July 21)


Here are this week’s featured job postings provided by the Georgia Department of Labor

MACON, Ga. — Here are this week’s featured job postings provided by the Georgia Department of Labor through the Employ Georgia System.

Job Title: E&I Planner and Maintenance Planner

Location: Macon

Job ID: 8119919634

Requirements: Candidate must have an HS/GED degree and seven (7) years of experience.

Duties: The E&I Maintenance Planner plans and schedules work for his or her area(s) of responsibility. Works primarily independently providing leadership of field supervision, field labor inspection, project management and office administrative duties will be required in support of the functional area of ​​assignments.

Job Title: Profile Planner

Location: Dublin

Job ID: 8103492739

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and one (1) year of experience

Tasks: Plan and schedule the workflow for each department and operation according to the manufacturing sequences and delivery times previously established; Confer with department head or supervisor to determine status of daily schedules; Expedite operations that delay and change schedules to meet unforeseen conditions and prepare production planning reports.

Job Title: Cook Supervisor

Location: Milledgeville

Job ID: 8107360174

Requirements: Candidates must have a high school diploma/GED and one (1) year of experience

Duties: Responsible for preparation planning and quality assurance of all food and supplies. Monitors and maintains accurate production records. The person must develop and practice leadership skills and the ability to supervise without intimidation. Responsible for inmate training programs, security compliance and overseeing equipment maintenance.

Job Title: Accounts Payable Technician

Location: Warner Robins

Job ID: 8114526272

Requirements: Candidate must have an HS/GED degree and one (1) year of experience

Duties: This position performs technical duties in support of the City’s Accounts Payable functions. The guidelines include Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Generally Accepted Government Accounting Principles, and the City’s Accounts Payable processes. Receives, enters, processes invoices for payment and resolves issues with departments and vendors. Associates invoices with purchase orders. Verifies the accuracy of information entered into the computer system. Scans accounts payable documents.

Job Title: Foster Parent Recruiter

Location: Macon

Job ID: 8110864476

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience

Duties: The Foster Parent Recruiter is responsible for recruiting foster parents. The recruiter will develop territories, increase target populations, develop sales plans and build relationships with potential candidates, and help raise awareness of families’ need. Parent Recruiter Forster is also responsible for guiding new families through the SAFE and state licensing process and an abbreviated annual renewal process for their foster care license.

Job Title: Correctional Officer

Location: Hardrick

Job ID: 7781236851

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma/GED and a valid driver’s license

Duties: Will maintain safe custody of incarcerated offenders and maintain order in correctional facilities. Will also enforces all state policies, rules, procedures, regulations, and laws necessary to control and manage offenders and maintain public safety. Place offenders in custody and escort them in transit and on temporary leaves and transport offenders to and from correctional facilities. Guard facility entrances and screen visitors.

Job Title: Site Manager

Location: Dublin

Job ID: 8124212620

Requirements: HS/GED degree, one year of experience and a valid driver’s license

Job Duties: The primary focus of this position is to successfully manage all operations and associates at the customer site to build a strong relationship with the customer, maintain profitability for the employer, and hire /train new employees for the customer site.

Job Title: Configuration Manager

Location: Warner Robins

Job ID: 8124283000

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and three years of experience

Duties: Provide product configuration services for manufacturing operations and processes to meet business needs and requirements. Apply industry-specific functional, job, and general knowledge. Develop or contribute solutions to a variety of problems of moderate scope and complexity. Work independently with some guidance and possibly review or guide the activities of more junior employees.


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