Nigeria must transition to the digital economy – NITDA


Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive of the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, said it is high time Nigeria embraced technology as a key driver of the economic dynamics of the country.

The DG made the disclosure during the graduation ceremony of 1353 graduate students trained by the Engausa Digital Literacy Center in Kano in collaboration with NITDA.

According to DG Kashifu, the young men and women have received good training on how to operate computers and other digital devices and it will help them stand firmly on their feet.

Kashifu posited that having people who have not been to conventional school to train as computer operators is indeed a significant development towards achieving autonomy.

He said having something to do among young people would reduce unemployment Poverty, starvation among the country’s many unemployed young people.
He said: “It is unfortunate that the situation we have found ourselves in, in the country where teaching and learning is strictly based on the use of the English language, makes it difficult for our young people to understand what is the computer.
Kashifu further said that most of the technologically advanced countries like France, Japan, India and China are using their mother tongues to teach their young scientists when will Nigeria join the que. He asked.
The DG said how on earth can a student pass his exams with flying colors in all the subjects he applied for but would fail to gain admission into any of the fields of study at our universities just because he or she has an English deficiency.
In fact, it is high time for the government to address this issue and find a positive solution for future generations.
The DG said there were countless very talented young Nigerian scientists wandering the streets with their just because they could not pass their English to further their education.
Speaking earlier, Engineer Auwal Ringim, owner of Engausa Digital Litracy, said today’s event where one thousand three hundred and fifty five young men and women graduated majoring in computer programming is a very encouraging development.
Ringim said the reason he introduced training in programming, video editing, blogging, graphic designs, web design and Android development, social media literacy and digital marketing, is to identify the natural talents among our brothers and sisters who didn’t go to conventional schools to master computers to fend for themselves.


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