Over 12,000 FNB clients have used Udemy to learn new skills


Over the past three months, a partnership between FNB and Udemy has proven to be a valuable asset to over 12,000 FNB customers. Through the FNB app, customers benefit from a selection of 400 discounted courses. Each course costs R50 and customers are limited to six courses per year. Even better, it is possible to pay for them using stored eBucks.

If you don’t know, Udemy is a platform that offers training on all kinds of courses. Guitar lessons? Check. Writing? Sure. Among FNB’s clients, courses in Excel, project management, public speaking and computer programming have proven successful.

Give those eBucks a workout

According to Graeme Parsons, Business Support Manager at eBucks: “We’ve had incredible uptake and our customers also trust us to help them achieve their goals with new skills through a digital learning solution. Providing access affordable online learning is part of a range of lifestyle solutions that help customers beyond traditional financial services.

You could argue that price and convenience were the driving factors behind the base of 12,000 users using Udemy. This is the first time that Udemy has created a mobile “experience” directly for a partner app. FNB clients do not need to go directly through the Udemy platform. They might be more likely to sign up through something they use more frequently. And at R50 a pop, why not add a little extra education?

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It’s possible that FNB and Udemy see this as an opportunity to expand their partnership. At this time, neither company has confirmed an expansion, but it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t. Udemy could offer more courses to FNB customers, bringing a wider audience to the platform.

Next time you’re on the FNB app, why not try a course? You might come away with a new skill or two.


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