QuickStart Learning, Inc. Highlights Success as Exclusive Training Partner for LAPD, IT Bureau


Javier Macias, Police Sergeant II, LAPD Computer Office Training Coordinator, adds, “One of the reasons we’re sticking with QuickStart is the relationship and being valued as a valued customer.”

QuickStart has successfully maintained a strong business relationship with the Los Angeles Police Department, meeting key service needs through the Master Subscription product: cost effectiveness, quality product, ability to track and manage learning, and service exclusive customer.

Since 2015, LAPD has been using QuickStart for IT training on Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, CompTIA, and other technical training. The Information Technology Division (ITD) of the LAPD implements technology for the Department and is responsible for technology-related initiatives, all computer hardware, certain software systems, network support, access to Systems, Cyber ​​Security and the Department’s main IT/Helpdesk.

Javier Macias, Police Sergeant II, LAPD IT Office Training Coordinator, explains, “Prime Memberships save us thousands of taxpayer dollars in training costs each year, and also allow our employees to receive training them quickly, instead of having to go through the approval and purchase process each time [they need new training].”

What is the Master Subscription Plan?

The program is designed to help businesses and government agencies keep their workforce up-to-date with IT products and practices in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This effective training option includes over 180 instructor-led virtual courses, over 700 self-paced courses, and over 2,000 Microsoft Learn self-paced courses. The system also provides a personalized learning path and can allow individuals and their managers to track training progress from start to finish.

The QuickStart Master Subscription Plan provides exclusive customer support in the following ways to ensure customer success: new subscriber orientation, employee attendance tracking, a monthly list of guaranteed courses that is distributed to subscribers, and usage, review and periodic comments. meetings with ROI results.

The support provided by QuickStart ensures the success of Master Subscription customers and has greatly benefited the business relationship with the LAPD. Javier Macias clarifies: “Our QuickStart Customer Success Manager sends us the latest course offerings every month so that our employees remember which subscription we have access to and can easily register to attend the necessary training.”

In summary, QuickStart is proud to have been able to provide the Los Angeles Police Department with cost effective training to help save thousands of taxpayer dollars, as well as a top quality training product with multiple options and continues to offer exclusive customer service to ensure successful employee training and a positive return on investment.

Javier Macias, Police Sergeant II, LAPD IT Office Training Coordinator, adds, “One of the reasons we stick with QuickStart is the relationship. new features, staying on top of our training needs, sharing updates, and appreciating us as a valued customer.”

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About Quick Start

QuickStart offers over 50 virtual IT certificate courses and bootcamp training programs to help students advance in their careers and prepare for the workforce. Our growing course catalog covers hundreds of technology partners, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, CompTIA, Cisco, and more. We work with industry experts, hiring managers and IT professionals to curate the most up-to-date curriculum.

Providing IT certification and training for 35 years has enabled QuickStart to develop an AI-based cloud platform – CLIPP. The Cognitive Learning & IT Project Performance (CLIPP) platform enhances the student learning process by customizing a learning plan linked to student career goals.

Upon completion of the course, we provide career services to assist with CV creation and the job search process. We have students who work successfully in well-known companies such as HP, IBM, Visa and Apple. We’ve also had students who have leveraged their QuickStart training to get promoted, improve their earning power, and advance their careers.

Visit QuickStart Learning on QuickStart.com for IT certification training that can advance your career or improve your team’s ability to meet organizational project goals.

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