The Japanese GPU bracket uses a 120mm fan to support the graphics card


Japanese company Nagao Industry Inc offers an interesting solution to GPU sag – an anti-sag bracket that attaches to a 120mm rear chassis fan. Support, as seen by a Twitter user @momomo_us, at first glance looks like an inverted vertical GPU bracket. It is installed directly into the bottom 120mm screw holes and hangs down to support the weight of the graphics card. But the design allows the stand to be tucked away from the center of the case for a cleaner aesthetic.

We’ve seen some unorthodox anti-sag devices, including the EVGA e-Leash and the spring-loaded MSI graphics card holder, but this one is particularly unique because it requires a 120mm rear fan to operate. The stand supports both ATX and micro-ATX chassis and can also support some mini-ITX towers.

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The bracket itself is incredibly flexible and can be moved 100mm side-to-side or 122mm vertically to accommodate shorter or taller graphics cards in smaller and taller cases. Based on the position of the rear 120mm fan and its associated fan bracket in the chassis, the bracket appears to support a graphics card up to four PCIe slots thick – this bracket should have no problem for support the largest graphics cards on the market (which To do have a quad-slot thickness).

Nagao GPU anti-sag bracket

(Image credit: Nagao Industry Inc.)

The main advantage of this GPU mount is its stealthy design and low profile. By storing it against the back of the computer chassis, the bracket won’t obstruct your view of the graphics card and might even be overlooked in view of other components.

The downside of this GPU bracket is that it supports the graphics card from the front where it has the least leverage. This means that the bracket may not be very effective – depending on the design of your graphics card, the bracket may not offer enough support to prevent sag. You will have to test it yourself, card by card.

Unfortunately, the support does not seem to be on sale (yet). Nagao Industry didn’t list a price or retailer on the product page, but since it was just discovered on Twitter, it may be available soon. Hopefully Nagao Industry decides to sell the bracket internationally for those of us outside of Japan who suffer from GPU sag.


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